Libby Jason the Style REinventionist

Meet Libby Jason,
Style Expert ~ Confidence Builder

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Libby is the author of Style REinventionist “Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman”, available on Amazon,

Libby's previous 13-year table top design company focused on mixing styles and patterns for her high-end, referral-only clients such as baseball’s Mark McGwire, music’s Destiny's Child and California's Governor and Senator staff/cabinet members. 

Libby shifted from transforming table tops to transforming women by helping her clients create a personal style, attract the business they want or step into their power on the speaking stage. In addition to her design company, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Libby previously co-owned a fashion boutique in Newport Beach, California, and has a 22- year background in skincare and cosmetics. Libby helps clients take the next step for an empowered presence, look credible and feel confident.

Philanthropically she supports 2nd Chances Animal Rescue.