Libby Jason the Style REinventionist

Meet Libby Jason,
Style Expert ~ Confidence Builder

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Libby is the author of Style REinventionist “Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman”, available on Amazon,

Libby's previous 13-year table top design company focused on mixing styles, patterns and colors for her high-end, referral-only clients such as baseball’s Mark McGwire, music’s Destiny's Child and California's Governor and Senator staff/cabinet members. 

Libby shifted from transforming table tops to transforming women by helping her clients create a personal style, attract the business they want or step into their power on the speaking stage. In addition to her design company, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Libby previously co-owned a fashion boutique in Newport Beach, California, and has a 22- year background in skincare/cosmetics. Libby helps clients take the next step for an empowered presence, show up as their best self and stop leaving money on the stage.

Philanthropically she supports 2nd Chances Animal Rescue. A portion of all Libby’s Style Packages are donated to this cause.