Mo Cisse Founder/CEO of Meraki Allure Fashion

Mo Cisse

Founder/ceo, meraki allure fashion

“Working with Libby is immensely refreshing because of her creativity and passion. Her expertise and reputation is why so many ageless women seek her out.”


“My session with Libby was just what I needed to stop being 'Frumpy'. I was impressed with all the 'prep' work, tools and instruction she provided. I'm back to taking good care of myself and looking my best”.
Dr. Audrey Schnell
Emotional Intelligence Coach
The Emotionally Intelligent Entrepreneur

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Lesley Sattin

Owner, Monkey Joe Speak Promotional Products

“I love how Libby worked with what I had in my wardrobe with recommendations of a few choice pieces to compliment my existing outfits. I have received so many compliments about my use of color vs my usual safe black. Libby set up a bunch of complete outfits with all the accessories and took pics so I can duplicate them. LOVED working with her and can’t believe those creations existed in my closet.”

Janet Henze Global Director of Optavia

Janet Henze

Global director, optavia

“Libby Jason is one of those women that other women are in awe of! I’ve learned so much from her about fashion, style, skincare, color, personal growth and stepping up and out as a woman!”