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Fashion Confidence for the Ageless Woman

We help women to feel more confident, visible and valued by teaching them how to express themselves through style and fashion.

From clothing to jewelry; handbags or shoes, we’ve gathered 20 fashion tips you can use right away.

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We help women be stylish at any age

Do you emerge from the dressing room with clothes that are too frumpy, too juvenile, or too boring? We help women be stylish at any age by identifying outfits, accessories, hairstyles and more to fit YOUR lifestyle, not a magazine model!


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Mo Cisse Founder/CEO of Meraki Allure Fashion

Mo Cisse

Founder/ceo, meraki allure fashion

“Working with Libby is immensely refreshing because of her creativity and passion. Her expertise and reputation is why so many ageless women seek her out.”

Missy Camp Anderson Social Entrepreneur Coach

Missy Camp Anderson

Social entrepreneur coach

“Libby is a gift to every woman that wants to shine in her own radiance needs.”

Janet Henze Global Director of Optavia

Janet Henze

Global director, optavia

“Libby Jason is one of those women that other women are in awe of! I’ve learned so much from her about fashion, style, skincare, color, personal growth and stepping up and out as a woman!”

Libby Jason the Style REinventionist

Meet Libby Jason, the Style REinventionist

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Libby is the author of Style REinventionist: Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman. A little edgy yet always classy, Libby is routinely sought after for advice on clothing, accessorizing and shopping decisions. Libby’s previous 13-year design company focused on mixing patterns and colors for her high-end, referral-only clients. Her background has also been in skincare and cosmetics for 22 years. Libby can help a client make a great first impression or soften their style to be more approachable. She has a knack for coordinating outfits on a budget with an eye for excellent quality. She also understands that clients can be overwhelmed with fashion options and helps them take the next step to elevate their mindset, feel visible and valued at any age.

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